Anest Iwata W200 Pressure Spray Gun

  • Ex Vat.


  • Inc Vat.


Pricing shown is for the spray gun and PCL 10 B3 Suction container 1L.

Avaliable with the following Nozzles:

1.5mm    K2

1.8mm    K2

2.0mm    R2

2.5mm    W1

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  • Anest Iwata W200 Pressure Spray Gun

Anest Iwata W200 Pressure Spray Gun

The Anest Iwata W200 pressure spray gun is light and handy. It has been especially designed for industrial production spray painting and has a flat and thin spray pattern. It has been finished to a high standard and has a twilight chrome body finish.

Certificate of compliance issued by Thatcham certifies that "transfer efficiency" achieved with the materials detailed in the test report were:

Primer : 93.2%

Solid Colour : 85.9%

Basecoat : 82.3%

Clear Lacquer : 73.5%

  • High speed operation while maintaining the same surface quality
  • VOC-compliant professional spray gun, significantly more than 65% efficiency
  • Large and uniform flat & thin spray pattern with fine atomization for large areas
  • W-200 with Round Nozzle
  • For ANEST IWATA-typical: quiet and pleasant background noise
  • With 380 g one of the more lightweight pressure feed spray guns on the market
  • Simple operation of the control knobs, for right and left handers
  • Conical seal nozzle, minimum wear parts
  • Clearer design, easy maintenance
  • Quality surface for an easy cleaning
  • Combinable with all ANEST IWATA diaphragm pumps and pressure tanks
  • Available: fan pattern control for permanently switching and push-pull pattern adjustment set for fast briefly switching

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