Anest Iwata W200 Suction Spray Gun

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Pricing shown is for the spray gun and PCL 10 B3 Suction container 1L.

Avaliable with the following Nozzles:

1.5mm    K2

1.8mm    K2

2.0mm    R2

2.5mm    W1

Please allow 2 - 3 days delivery on this item

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  • Anest Iwata W200 Suction Spray Gun

The W200 Suction Spray Gun is part of Anest Iwata's High T.E.C spray gun range. It is Light with only a 440g body weight. it was designed especially for industrial production spray painting and uses a flat and thin spray pattern. Finished in a twilight chrome body finish.

The High T.E.C systems main features are:

  • High T.E.C Spray guns improve your paint finishing, reduce your painting costs and increase the profitability of your painting operation.
  • High T.E.C is the result of years of research in the dynamics of fluids, at our laboratories in Yokohama. Thanks to instruments such as spectrograph and three - dimensional CAD, we have formulated mathematical models and tested prototypes.
  • High T.E.C spray guns have been developed to meet the requirements of the environmental protection act and to provide excellent atomisation with all paint materials, also developed to meet the requirements of this act.

Certificate of compliance issued by Thatcham certifies that "Transfer Efficiency" achieved with the materials detailed in the test report were:

Primer : 99.2%

Solid colour : 78.9%

Basecoat : 73.8%

Clear  Lacquer : 77.4%

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