Anest Iwata W400 Classic Plus Gravity Spray Gun

  • Ex Vat.


  • Inc Vat.


Pricing shown is for the Pro Kit and includes:

  • W400 Classic Plus Manual Spray Gun
  • PCG 6PE: 600cc Cup, Lid and Filter
  •  Cleaning Brushes and Spanner

Please allow 2 - 3 days delivery on this item

Avaliable with the following Nozzle sizes:

  • 0.8mm    LV2
  • 1.0mm    LV2
  • 1.2mm    LV2
  • 1.3mm    LV2
  • 1.4mm    LV2
  • 1.6mm    LV2
  • 1.8mm    LV1
  • 2.0mm    R2
  • 2.5mm    W1

Available Options

  • Anest Iwata W400 Classic Plus Gravity Spray Gun

Anest Iwata W400 Classic Plus Spray Gun 

The Anest Iwata W400 gravity spray gun - HVLP Technology- is a state of the art gravity spray gun and is available with a wide range of nozzles for a variety of materials and applications. 

Main features

  • Fluid passages in stainless steel
  • Adjustable Teflon needle-packing
  • One valve for fluid and air
  • Responsive trigger action
  • Twilight chrome plated body

Low air volume

General purpose certificate of compliance issued by thatcham certifies that "transfer efficiency" achieved with the materials detailed in the test report were:

Two coat system

  • Primer: 92.0%
  • Solid Colour: 76.9%<
  • System: 84.5%

Three coat system:

  • Primier 92.0%
  • Basecoat: 76.9%
  • Clear Lacquer: 74.7%
  • System: 81.0%

Ideal for spraying painting in the body shop sector. 

Lightweight and handy - Only 440g 

Twilight chrome body finish

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