sia 4700 siaral 8 fibre discs 180 x 22mm (silicon carbide)

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  • sia 4700 siaral 8 fibre discs 180 x 22mm (silicon carbide)

sia 4700 siaral silicon carbide fibre discs 180mm x 22mm

Grinding & dressing of cast iron & stone

Silicon carbide grain continually fractures to offer a sharp edge 

APPLICATION • cleaning • stripping down layers of scale and rust • deburring of castings (grey, spheroidal, malleable cast iron) • treatment of natural and synthetic stone, concrete, ceramics • treatment of glass-fibrereinforced plastic ADVANTAGES • dimensional stability guarantees constant cutting speed • stable edges • low noise STRUCTURE Grit: silicon carbide Coating: mechanical closed electrostatic closed Bonding: resin over resin Backing: vulcanized fibre 0.84 mm vulcanized fibre 0.80 mm Grit range: P016 – P320 (excl. P180, P240, P280) PROPERTIES Removal rate: very high Lifetime: very long Stability: very rigid Application: very hard Each Box Contains 50 Discs

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