sia 6420 spectrum wheels 152 x 6 x 22mm all grades

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  • sia 6420 spectrum wheels 152 x 6 x 22mm all grades

sia 6420 152 x 13 x 13mm spectrum wheels are a revolution in the weld finishing and preparation sector.

Application Areas – Stainless Steel, Aluminium Fabrication, Titanium, Alloys – Tubular Work – Marine – Aerospace  

Unique Colour Code – Red- removal, Grey- Blending, Blue- finishing, Green- polishing

 RED Applications • Stainless Steel fillet weld removal • Deburring sharp edges to a clean radius • Removal of grinding scratches • Removal of heavy machine tool marks • Light deburring of gears, blade trailing and leading edges • Removing heavy scale from carbon steel, light oxidation from Aluminum and brazing on steel tubing  

GREY Applications • Blending of pits on cast parts • Blending and refining surfaces of jet blade airfoils • Blending parting lines from cast jet blades and vanes • Blending stainless steel surgical instruments, mill marks and machine mismatches • Removing weld discolouration to give a satin finish • Stainless steel fillet weld removal from tubular fabrications

BLUE Applications • Removing discolouration from welds to give a bright satin finish, minor pits and scratches, resins/adhesives overspray and coating • Deburring edges from surgical instruments • Breaking edges on Aluminium extrusions • Removing small imperfections from castings/forgings • Bright satin finish on stainless steel after weld removal • Fillet weld finishing on aluminium

GREEN Applications • Polishing fillet areas on jet blades and aircraft parts • Polishing after weld removal • Polishing and finishing of medical instruments • Polishing welds on Stainless Steel sinks • Polishing machined surfaces and hand tools • Polishing round tubing

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